Wool – Double Knit Weight


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We have been developing our range of spun wool over the last three years. We currently have six double knit weight, 50 grams (approx. 110 metres) wool balls available .

Cheviot 1st shear  £6.00 for 50g ball – undyed  DK

Surprisingly soft and springy! We chose the best fleeces from the first shearing of the Cheviots. It was semi-worsted spun for extra softness.

Cheviot 1st shear  £6.00 for 50g ball – Winter Green  DK

Soft and springy  from our softest Cheviot fleece and dyed a beautiful deep green.

Castlemilk Moorit and Teeswater   £6.00 for 50g ball – undyed  DK

A very rare blend of wool – two rare breeds of sheep blended to make a sturdy ball of wool in soft grey.

Castlemilk Moorit and Bluefaced Leicester  £6.00 for 50g ball  – undyed  DK

The mix of Castlemilk Moorit and Bluefaced Leicester has given us our softest wool, blended to lovely pale fawn.

Castlemilk Moorit and Cheviot  £4.00 for 50g ball – undyed  DK

This blend has a strong, crunchy feel to it and has been blended to a creamy fawn colour.

Black Welsh Mountain and Cheviot  £4.00 for 50g ball – undyed  DK

Two hill sheep breeds blended together for a sturdy feeling wool and the colour is a rich grey.



Castlemilk Moorit & Bluefaced Leicester


Cheviot 1st shear


Black Welsh Mountain & Cheviot


Castlemilk Moorit & Teeswater


Cheviot 1st shear - Winter Green


Castlemilk Moorit & Cheviot